Here you have a chance to get your own UK based, Prepaid MasterCard®

PFS Prepaid MasterCard® Features:
- Can be used in over 30.000.000 locations worldwide
- Can be used for online shopping, ATM withdrawals and POS transaction (shopping at locations) everywhere where MasterCard® acceptance mark is seen
- Keep your funds safe, card is secured with PIN code
- No need for employment to own a card
- No need for credit checks (bad credit clients are welcome)
- Not linked with your bank account
- You can own multiple cards (share them with your familly)
- You can get one paying for it with PayPal

Buy it now for 34,90EUR (card is valid for 2 years)

You can load the card using PayZone, Postal order, UKash, Bank Transfer or by another card. More information in login menu
You can pay for the card using PayPal, accepting all major payment options, after receiving cleared funds from you we forward your card into creation within 2-3 days